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      Corporate Profile
      Main Industry of CDJL
      Corporate culture
      Brand Slogan
      Development course
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      Company name

      Chengde Jinlong Conveyor Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Company formation

      October 28, 2004

      Registered capital

      RMB 50 million

      Corporate representative

      Xue Guangshan

      Company address

      No.2, Jinlong Road, Mengjiayuan Industrial Park, Chengde City


      330 employees

      Operation mode

      production and processing

      Per capita production value


      Annual exports

      Approx RMB 11 million

      Main industry

      automobile, steel rolling, aluminum metallurgy

      Main business

      material handling system design, fabrication, installation and after-sale service

      Pre-processing production system manufacture, installation and services

      Automatic control system

      OEM and service

      Management System Certification


      Regional sales

      Shanghai office/address:




      Dalian office/address:



      Corporate Profile

      New beginning of CDJL
      CDJL is located in Mengjiayuan Industry Park of Chengde, there are HSR station on the southwest, Chengde New Airport on the southeast. It has convenient transportation and the national highway 101 nearby. The company is 5 kilometers away from Jingcheng expressway. It covers an area of 45,000 square meters. It is a mechanical-electrical integrated system supplier.
      Internationalization of CDJL
      our company has obtained ISO9001 certification in 2005, which has a complete project management system, assure the successful completion of all different projects. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions such as India, South Korea, UAE and South Africa, etc. We have cooperated with Pomini Company, Morgan Construction Company, and Siemens AG for the design, manufacture, installation and commission of conveyor systems for many important projects at home and abroad
      Brand of CDJL
      Our P&F conveyor and non-standard products were widely used in fields including automobile, steel rolling, aluminum metallurgy, motorcycle making, electric car making, household appliances making, furniture making etc.
      Technical Team of CDJL
      The chief engineer of CDJL is the outstanding expert with remarkable contribution to the conveyor industry of China. He was a pioneer in introducing and transferring conveyor technology from Jervis B. Webb Company to China. He was the earliest engineer who participated in and presided the designing of projects for steel plant, aluminum plant and automotive factory at home. He participates in the compilation of National Machinery Industrial Standard: JB5321-91 Technical Conditions of P&F Overhead Conveyor, he also participated in organizing and compilation of Transportation Machinery Design Manual, published by Chemical Industry Press (CIP). Our technicians are always willing to innovation, the project we have designed are advanced, practical, economic and easy maintenance.
      Equipment of CDJL
      We have more than 40 sets of equipment, including 30 sets of mechanical equipment (contain NC equipment), more than 10 sets of cold machining and non-standard machine, two sets of stamping equipment, automatic shot blasting and conveyor equipment, special conveying and detection equipment, all this become the guarantee of core manufacturing and providing a complete set of services.
      Advantages of CDJL
      We have P&F conveyor system, and provides turn-key project, customized products and perfect project services.