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      Attended the Opening Ceremony of BAIC (S.Africa) Attended the Opening Ceremony of BAIC (S.Africa)
      Attended the Hannover Exhibition Visited WAGNER
      Group Photo of Visiting DURR Group Photo of Visiting WAGNER
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      Chengde Jinlong Conveyor Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in engineering, fabrication installation and commission of conveyor systems. By learning and adopting advanced technology, we have evolved into a leader in technical innovation on conveyor systems. We take full advantage of resources available to expand our market shares and eventually become a professional high-tech enterprise with system integration and technical innovation as the core-competence.

      All employees at CDJL always keep a clear mind and follow the pace of leading technology in the world, learn from Germany on high precision products, the advanced technology from USA, the energy efficiency from Japanese products and the elegant of product design from France, to show a new company image with a global view on innovation and enthusiasm.

      Opportunity always stand by the side of challenge, glory lives with dream! Looking into the future, our task is tough and profound. Coexist with the modern management in CDJL are innovation spirit and advanced technology. CDJL will illustrate to the world image of Chinese private enterprises with its vigorousness and maturity.