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      Plastic belt conveyor, friction skid, lift friction skillet

      We are insistent for Innovating in new material and drive technology, improving the assembly environment, upgrading products for more comfortable and safety assembly way.

      EMS (Electrical Monorail System)

      Electrical monorail system has been engineered for clean, quiet, high-speed material handling efficiency. Through the use of track switches, lift sections, etc. carriers can be flexibly routed over complex paths, delivered to track levels of various heights and accumulated on the track.

      EMS carrier assemblies are individually powered, drawing energy from track-mounted electrification. Operating speeds up to 60 m/min, EMS are adaptable to weights up to 2000kg.

      Automated Storage and Retrieval System

      The systems are built around track and containers, and machines that are specific designed to fit your products and processes. Optimize the use of valuable space.

      The systems can deliver parts for kitting and sub-assembly with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. They provide crucial buffer storage, and allow secured and protected storage of sensitive material.